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As the new year is in full swing, many of you may be thinking of giving your home a fresh look for the new decade. 

With many new trends appearing in 2019, we thought that we would take a look at the top industry trends appearing in 2020. 

In this article we cover the following trends: 

Glass extensions

The demand for large windows saw a significant increase in 2019 with more people opting for large windows and doors to increase the amount of light in their living space. The demand for large windows and less frames is rapidly increasing in popularity among homeowners in 2019 and its showing no signs of slowing down. 

Aluminium windows

Another trend that made an entrance in 2020 was aluminium windows. Aluminium windows and doors have a sleek and modern style that can instantly change the appearance of any style of home.  This has been a trend through 2019 and is set to continue in 2020.   

Increased light 

The popularity for homeowners to increase the amount of natural light entering their home has escalated with more people opting for bi-fold and sliding doors. The popularity to create living spaces with captivating views has massively increased over the years, making large glass windows and doors a must have for 2020. 

Sliding doors  

Bi-fold doors seem to be a distant memory, with large sliding doors taking a strong lead with homeowners looking for a better way to increase light in their home. By offering much wider panes of glass than bi-fold doors, the large glass panels of a sliding door gives a sense of spaciousness and an increased sense of light.  

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