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There are so many different window styles on the market that sometimes the choice might seem overwhelming. 

From sash and casement, to aluminium and uPVC – the options seem endless. 

With each window type having its own individual features and benefits, it’s important to choose the one that will match your specific requirements and preferences.

How to make sure you choose the right one then? Not to worry, we are at hand to walk you through it!

Our team has comprised an ultimate buyer’s guide to the different window types to help you choose the right window for you. 

The windows featured include:

  • Casement windows 
  • Sash windows 
  • Tilt and turn windows 
  • Georgian windows 

The different types of windows

  • Casement windows 

You’ve most likely come across casement windows, even if you haven’t known it.

Casement windows are the most commonly used window style, featured in modern and older properties. 

Opening in a similar fashion to a door, they are  attached by one or two hinges. With their versatile style, casement windows won’t look out of place in most homes. 

Those windows  are not only popular because of their appearance, but they are also extremely practical, with strong security and energy-efficiency advantages. 

  • Sash windows 

The sash window has been a feature in homes since the Georgian period, however it is very much used today. 

Unlike casement windows, sash windows don’t open on a hinge but instead, they are usually made up of one or two sashes that slide vertically, or occasionally horizontally. 

Why choose a sash window? Sash windows offer a traditional aesthetic that is charming and elegant. 

  • Tilt and turn windows 

Tilt and turn windows have become a popular option when people choose to replace their current windows. 

Tilt and turn windows are focused on versatility and convenience, which is why they are able to be opened in two different ways.

They can either tilt inwards from the top or can be opened fully when swung open, depending on how you want to open them. 

Similar in appearance to casement windows, tilt and turn windows adopt a contemporary look. 

  • Georgian windows

 Georgian windows are an iconic window style, which is still popular today. 

Georgian windows feature bars that run across the windowpane, dividing the glass into individual panes. 

Georgian windows have a distinctive look that creates a traditional aesthetic.

There are various different window choices that intend to replicate the Georgian demeanor, whilst adopting modern technologies. 

Find the right window for your home 

Whether you live in a period property or a modern home, choosing the right window style for your home is crucial. 

At Humberside Glazing, we have over 20 years of window experience to draw from. 

Whatever your window problem, we have the solution. 

We are focused on delivering a quality service for all our customers. 

For more information or advice on which window style is right for your home, get in touch and we’d be happy to help.