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It’s becoming more and more common to use glass components in interior design. Humberside Glazing provides high-quality glass table tops ideal for display cabinets, vanities, coffee tables, and more. Our assortment of glass table tops can be customised to meet your needs and have polished or bevelled edges. Any interior, including those of hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, and salons, will look stylish when using any of our products, which are appropriate for both domestic and commercial projects.

You might be considering new ways to decorate your glass dining or coffee table as winter and Christmas draw near, but which approach is best? We’re sharing our best styling advice for glass table tops in your home in this month’s blog. Let’s take a look at these ideas.


Decanters made of cut crystal have a classic, refined look. A trio of them will look great on a glass table, whether they are empty or filled with your preferred alcoholic beverage. Crystal shine is accentuated by the dining table’s glass. To keep the cluster gathered in the middle of the table, you could place a mirror tray or a fabric placemat underneath them.


Candlelight is the single most romantic addition to dinner. A collection of candles and candlesticks makes a beautiful centrepiece for your glass dining table. Additionally, adding candlesticks to your coffee table will create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere in your living room.


Use a modern glass vase that is continuously filled with long-stemmed flowers if you want to stick with the glass-on-glass theme. Alternatively, another beautiful option for a glass dining table is a ceramic vase. You have more freedom to experiment with colour and style here. Choose a vase that complements the paint colour or chair upholstery on your furniture. The glaze colour you select might be your go-to accent hue or a hue that corresponds to the current season. You can choose to either fill it with flowers or dried foliage or leave it empty. Additionally, you could try using a cluster of small and different shaped/sized vases to create a more interesting centrepiece.

Fruit bowl

A lovely bowl, made of glass, crystal, ceramic, or metal, to hold the items of your choice can be a beautiful, decorative addition. Either actual fruit or fake fruit could be used to fill it. Perhaps it would be more appealing to fill it with lovely stones or shells. 

There are a few things to consider when choosing a good centrepiece for your dining table. You don’t want anything that will obstruct conversation by being too big and tall. Additionally, you don’t want to use anything that will scuff or scratch the dining table’s surface. On a rectangular table, avoid placing items that will obstruct place settings.

We hope this blog has inspired you with ideas on how to decorate your glass table tops this winter. If you’re interested in having a glass table top contact us today or visit our website for a quote.