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New uPVC windows are the perfect way to give your home a facelift.

While you may want to give your home a new look, you may not yet be ready to invest in new double glazed windows, perhaps because your existing windows are still reasonably new, or you’ve moved into a home where the windows are not quite right. This might lead to you asking the question:

Can I paint uPVC frames?

The short answer to this is, yes you can, but there are lots to consider before you attempt it and it isn’t a task that should be entered into lightly.

uPVC isn’t designed to be painted and you will have a hard time trying to get the paint to adhere to the surface. Heat expansion will also be an issue so any paint used would have to have the same elastic properties as uPVC to avoid cracking and flaking. 

Some other considerations include: 

  • Never paint on uPVC which is less than 12 months old as the resins used in the manufacturing process will prevent the paint from binding to the surface. 
  • South facing windows will need to withstand a lot of UV radiation and the paint may become sun bleached over time. 
  • Painting your windows may void your warranty. 
  • It is almost impossible to hand paint on uPVC without leaving brush marks in the finish, so you need to be sure that you’re happy with that look. 

How to paint on uPVC 

If you’re resolved and still wish to go ahead, it is important that you do it correctly for best results. Before you start, degrease and clean the surfaces to ensure there are no substances which would impede paint adhesion. 

Then lightly sand the surface, taking sure not to use too coarse a sandpaper or too much pressure as this will create scratches that show up through the paintwork. Remove all the dust and then apply a coat of specialist uPVC primer. This may require several coats to be effective and will need to be left to cure between each coat. 

When applying the topcoat, use a polyurethane paint that will have the expansion properties required to reduce cracking. You should also use a good quality brush to avoid leaving any brush hairs trapped in the paint. 

Once finished, keep children and pets away from the paint until it has dried. 

It might also be a good idea to start with a small, less visible window, for instance on a downstairs toilet or possibly a garage window, to ensure you’re happy with the finish and the technique you need to use before moving on to the rest of the house. 

Consider new windows 

If you really want to give your home a new look, new windows may still be your best bet. Humberside glazing provide a wide range of windows in different finishes and styles to suit all homes and budgets. If you’re in the Scunthorpe area, you can get a free online window quote from us at Humberside Glazing.