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When it comes to choosing a colour for your window frames, you have so many options. Don’t get overwhelmed- we’ve narrowed them down for you! In our article, we looked at the most popular colours of 2022 and how they can be used in different contexts. We hope that this helps make your decision easier because there is no one right answer when it comes to coloured windows. Keep reading for more information on these colours and get inspired!

Anthracite grey

Grey window frames are a popular trend in the home décor market. If you want to keep up with current trends, grey is your colour! Not only will these windows look great on any style of house, but they may also increase the worth of your property. With the right grey windows on your new construction or renovation project, you’ll also get an aesthetic boost without spending too much money on materials. You might even find that these shades make your property look more expensive than it really is!

Agate grey

If you’re looking for a way to add character and sophistication to your home without breaking the bank, then agate grey windows  are perfect! The agate grey colour will give your property an elegant look that is sure to impress. Agate grey window frames are a perfect addition to any home. The exterior and interior of your property will have an elegant, refined touch that never goes out of style.

Chartwell  green

For a fresh new look and feel, consider Chartwell green window frames. These windows are perfect for anyone who appreciates the charm of old fashioned homes or modern minimalistic style!  If you’re looking to upgrade your windows consider adding Chartwell green window frames as they provide both beauty and practicality in just one frame.


 If you want your home to look classic and timeless without spending a fortune, then these window frames will do that for you! The truth is white window frames are popular because they’re simple and clean. They reflect light well and offer an opportunity to add pops of colour elsewhere in the room or on other features like furniture or art work. 

We hope that this article has been able to demystify the process of choosing frame colours and given you some ideas for your next project. Whether you’re looking for classic or contemporary, there will be something that suits your tastes on our site! Get in touch today if you have any questions about what we offer or how to get started with ordering your windows online.