Supplying and installing double glazing across Scunthorpe for over 30 years

Having double glazed windows installed in your home is an amazing way to keep it warm for longer, as well as saving money on your heating bills, decreasing your carbon footprint, and increasing your home’s value. Your double glazed windows should last around 20 years, which is considerably longer than single glazed windows. In this blog we thought we’d give you a couple of tips to make your double glazing last even longer so you can keep reaping all of the amazing benefits for years to come, saving you money along the way.

Use quality materials

The most important aspect of making your double glazing last longer is to have quality windows installed in the first place. You want to choose a trustworthy installer that you know is going to use materials from a reliable source, which is why we at Humberside Glazing are a perfect choice for your window install. 

Choose the right installer

Another important factor is how the windows themselves are fitted, the installer should ensure it sits correctly in the opening, without gaps and are all fully sealed when the job is done. When researching local installers make sure you check out their reviews and Social Media so you can see the kind of work they’re producing.

Don’t use harsh chemicals

It’s natural for your windows to worsen over time, but another way of making them last longer is by avoiding cleaning them with harsh chemicals, as well as not blasting the hose on them from the outside. It’s easy to make your own non-abrasive cleaning products at home, which will save you money as well as your double glazing.

Think about their location

Windows that are in the sun constantly are going to deteriorate quicker than those in the shade, same as those that are on a coastal property versus in the countryside. However the most important thing is the way that those windows were fitted in the first place, which is why you need a quality installer you can trust.

Overall the number one cause of deterioration in double glazing is that the installation wasn’t done properly by the installer or that the materials used weren’t very good. It’s important to do proper research of the installers in your local area before choosing one for such an important home upgrade, which is why we suggest using Humberside Glazing. We specialise in double glazing, so you can trust we know how to fit your windows so they last for years to come.