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You’ll appreciate this list if you’ve been looking for the ideal chance to give your space more style, vigour, and comfort. 

Some of our picks attest to the timeless nature of certain elements, including high-style marble slabs in kitchens, maximalist lamps, statement window treatments, and blue hues. But you might be surprised by the following trend predictions: Just a couple of examples include listening rooms and jewel-box laundry rooms.

Listening Rooms

Listening rooms, or music rooms, have always been coveted by audiophiles, but they’re gaining popularity with the masses as vinyl record sales continue to climb. Essentially, a listening room is a dedicated space for music, whether it’s creating your own or playing your favourite tunes to unwind and enjoy, solo or with a group of people. Even if you don’t have an entire room to spare, a dedicated corner or nook of any room can be transformed into a space to enjoy music. Equally adding double glazed doors and windows can significantly help sound proof a room so you can enjoy your music without disturbances or disturbing anyone else.

Blue & Meaningful Decor

Overall, 2023 will be a bold year. For the upcoming year, ultramarine blue will be in style. It has a vivid, intensely saturated, and luscious hue. People will enthusiastically embrace using family heirlooms, antiques, and repurposing and incorporating meaningful pieces into their homes in keeping with the daring theme.

Natural Stone Slabs

From the countertop to the ceiling, stone slab backsplashes are the norm. They are also being used to encircle islands. This is an exciting development because the stones not only replace the basic neutrals in these spaces but actually improve them because they are so distinctive and lovely. They are enhanced by a resurgence in popularity for vibrant mosaics and textured stone tile with mixed finishes.

Muted Colours

In 2023, plums and mustards will become more prevalent in soothing, deeper tones that resemble natural colours. Colours are beginning to gain popularity, but not in the loud, vivid shades. They are beginning to value colours that are perceived as more earthy and calming than just green, brown, and blue. At Humberside Glazing we offer a vast range of deep toned and natural colours for doors and windows that are suitable for any style home. 

Enclosed Kitchens

As opposed to spacious family rooms/kitchen areas that are open to the rest of the house, we will increasingly see enclosed kitchen spaces. However, designs for that area will typically have more open layouts, wall shelving, and less cabinetry that looks built-in.

Statement Lamps

Many more saturated colours, glossy rather than matte finishes, and elaborate lamp shades are anticipated. Due to the rising popularity of traditionally applied fabrics and patterns, we are now offering new shades of pleated linen as a standard. Additionally, we predict that ceramic shades will become fashionable for use as table, floor, pendant, or surface mounts.

Unique Window Dressings

More decorations on window treatments are anticipated in 2023, including scalloped-edge Roman shades and fringe trims along the leading edges of draperies. These specifics add personality to window treatments and give them more impact than simpler, more streamlined options.

Jewel-Box Laundry Rooms

With shimmery finishes, richly patterned details, and even whimsical accessories, practical laundry rooms are becoming glamorous. 

Overall, 2023 has many fun and quirky home improvements that are lined up for the new year. To discover how we can help you improve your home browse our website today or contact a member of our team.