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Balustrades are used both internally and externally in many structures to support balconies and stairs and to offer safety and security. While several materials can be utilised to create an eye-catching and useful balustrade, the glass balustrade has grown very popular recently due to its many advantages.

Modern architecture and interior design are big fans of the frameless glass balustrade.

Glass Gives The Apparent Effect Of More Space

Glass accents are quite common in modern home architecture since they contribute to the perception of extra space within the structure. This is especially true if the glass used for the balustrade is transparent and clear. You can have a transparent border with a glass balustrade for stairs or elevated places, much like with a glass shower screen or glass door, providing an open, fresh, and more spacious ambiance.

Glass Won’t Obstruct The Light

Due to their advantage of not obstructing light in a building, glass balustrades are fairly common. Additionally, glass railings allow light to pass through, improving the amount of sunlight and contributing to an open, breezy feeling within.

As natural light is allowed to freely flow within the area as opposed to typical railings and borders that restrict light, a glass balustrade built in line with windows provides a highly modern, almost ethereal atmosphere.

For Modern Interiors, Glass Is Perfect

Glass balustrades may give whatever building they are installed a touch of contemporary refinement, which is one of its main advantages. You can use this when you want to sell your home because you will make a good profit on the resale. Additionally, too many purchasers will be drawn in by this style of home improvement.

Glass Is Simple To Keep Clean

Glass balustrades not only have a stunning appearance, but they are also simple to maintain. You only need a few minutes to clean the balustrade and maintain your new installation with commercial glass cleaning supplies and a lint-free cloth. Maintaining that freshly installed appearance is fairly simple. When compared to metal or wood balustrades, polishing can restore the glass to its former brilliance if you find yourself dealing with scratches or other damage.

Balustrades Made Of Glass Are Strong And Sturdy

A glass balustrade is not only gorgeous but also incredibly durable. You won’t need to do any maintenance on your new installation because it will last for many years.

Although many people believe glass to be fragile, it is actually a very durable building material. Glass will continue to keep its strength and quality throughout time. Glass ages gradually, making changes over time difficult to see with the naked eye. Since glass balustrades have a long lifespan, your investment will be well worth it due to its exceptional durability.

Balustrades Compliment Multiple Materials Brilliantly

The perfect complement to any other materials used in your new installation, glass balustrades offer significant design versatility. The risers, handrails, or bannisters may be made of stone, metal, wood, or a combination of these materials, and the addition of large glass expanses will enhance the entire design. Additionally, there are numerous colours, textures, and framing options available, as well as opaque or patterned glass.

Glass Is A Secure & Safe Material

Strong and secure glass may now be produced thanks to technology. In actuality, the thick, tempered glass used to construct glass balustrades rarely cracks. Since these sturdy balustrades are frequently as strong as steel, it takes tremendous structural strain to shatter them.

We take pride in our tailored glass balustrades solutions. Our expert team will design, manufacture and install custom built glass balustrading. We understand that everyone has unique styles and we will make sure to match your taste. Get in touch today to find out more!